Curts Concentrates Gummy

Bring joy to your mouth with our flavorful naturally infused Gummies! Our gummies are all natural, vegan tasty treats that will become part of your daily routine. Infused with full spectrum hemp distillate giving you the full entourage effect.

Product Description

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate infused fruit flavored gummies contain 25 mg per gummy. These fruit flavored, tasty treats will give you a burst from the first bite. This full spectrum product creates an entourage effect through distillate that contains multiple cannabinoids.



Product usage

Pop one in your mouth and you get the following:

25 mg of full spectrum Hemp Distillate
A burst of flavor

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate, pectin, sugar, isomalt, citric acid, sorbitol, pectin, fruit puree contains less than 2%  sodium citrate, natural flavors and coloring.

How to use:

Open the bag, pop one in your mouth and enjoy. Repeat as needed!