Oral Spray Insights and Benefits

We are all looking for the quick fix of how to be healthier, younger, and fitter. We have introduced a QUICK FIX to vitamins and CBD, leading you to a balanced life! Since, I was a young child taking a pill was my worst nightmare. My grandmother would mash the pill with jam and bribe me to take it. Our newest product, oral sprays, is my greatest gift to myself and to all of our customers!

What is an oral spray? 

Simple…a fine mist spray with amazing vitamins, minerals and CBD. Simply spray under your tongue and hold for 5 seconds then swallow. That is it! Takes the pain out of taking vitamins!

Absorbed quickly by your body

Who wants to choke down a handful of vitamins every morning and only get 10-20% absorption, not me! Oral sprays (liquid extracts) allows for 85-90% absorption into your body and are fully absorbed within 30 seconds. Your body no longer has to digest the capsule or hard coat of the pill, removing the time it takes for digestion. You are no longer putting waxes, fillers and binders into you body. The spray technology allows you a quick and convenient way to access vitamins, minerals and CBD without having to lug around a bottle or bag of pills. The spray bottle is a compact application for your on the go lifestyle.

Ease of use

As I mentioned earlier, my struggle with pills, I am not the only one out there. Research shows that approximately 40% of people struggle with swallowing pills. Oral Spray is a solution for those of us who struggle with this. It takes less than 10 seconds to open your mouth, lift your tongue, and spray. You can take it anytime of the day, don’t need to have water, and don’t need to eat with food. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Why our oral spray?

We have worked with an FDA certified lab and scientists to create our formulas. The technology used is specially designed to produce the perfect mist to be absorbed quickly into the blood stream. We have taken the time to create flavors that you will enjoy, then we packed the spray with 240 MG of Full Spectrum CBD Distillate.

We have create four sprays (to date) to help balance your life: Lights Out, Stay Focused, Mood Boost and Energize Me.

It is time for you to take ahold of this quick fix and simplify your life!